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Two-Year Old

Your two-year-old is rapidly developing into a competent, independent child ready to face new challenges. Our excellent program is designed to meet, support and develop your child’s emerging skills. Our curriculum develops essential social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

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Nurture your child’s interest in learning by exploring language, including reading and writing, mathematics, sensorial, practical life competency skills, and studying plants, animals, geography, land and water forms, and continents and oceans in a culturally inclusive environment.

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Summer School

Our exciting Summer School program alternates each summer from Human Anatomy - 2024, Solar System - 2025, and Invertebrate Animals - 2026. Models, puzzles, books and projects, and arts and crafts are a part of the experience for your child.

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What families say about us

Every child is treated as an individual and the staff and teachers guide them to become caring and independent children. The teachers and school director truly care about every child and make their learning environment a successful and safe one.

Montessori School Testimonial
Ana & Lupe Marin

My son loves this school, Ms. Sharon, and Ms. Maddie. He raves about making new friends at school and all the things he gets to do. Ms. Shaku is very understanding and patient. All the staff onsite knows all the kids' names and I love that. It really makes me feel like they pay attention to each child. They have taught my son to be very independent. They helped push my son to use the potty and feed himself.

Montessori School of Brentwood Review
May B.

Mrs. Shaku and staff are absolutely amazing! This is my sons second home for sure. The skills that are being taught here for the children are very visible and seen when my kid comes home. The program and education being taught is 5 stars.

Montessori School of Brentwood Review
Leonardo A.

I have two children attending this school and it was the best decision we ever made. Both started at the age of 2. My oldest one is now in pre-k. The school is a safe and nurturing environment. The teachers and staff are excellent. All good people that genuinely care for the children. And also have great relationships with the parents.

Montessori School of Brentwood Review
Willa R.

School Hours

Mon-Fri, 6:30am-6pm